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Ace-it Academy offers tuition services Monday- Saturday all year round!

If Maths and English are the foundations of learning, we make children architects of their own futures. Our approach isn’t that of a traditional, old-school tutor. We incorporate a range of research based, multi-sensory and dyslexia friendly teaching strategies to help bring the learning to life. Our children develop the winning mindsets to help make them masters of their own learning. Give us a call to start your child’s success story today.

Friendly Environment

Fully qualified private tutors

All our staff are fully qualified, Access NI checked, local teachers who are passionate about their work.

Individual Tutoring

Our tutors treat every child individually, focusing on their personal needs and development.

Flexible lesson times

Our timetable is flexible enough to allow you to fit your child's learning around their other clubs and lifestyle.

Large range of subjects covered

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